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By lemaster 31 Mar, 2017

‘To a dancer, the most important tool one has is one’s feet, and keeping one’s feet in the best possible condition is vital to dancing at one’s best. As a podiatrist with a background in advanced foot mechanics, coupled with being a dancer myself, I can offer a unique understanding of what dancers experience with their feet.

‘Through years of the study of foot and lower limb dynamics, coupled with post-graduate studies in biomechanics of the feet and a strong background in shoe modification and orthotic/insole fabrication, I have developed a sound knowledge of managing the feet as they move. It was a natural progression to apply these learnings to my passion for dance.

‘As a dancer, I have been dancing for several years. For over two years, I have been competing as amateur competition ballroom dancer, competing in standard, new vogue and Latin-American styles. It is this knowledge of dance as a dancer which provides a sound platform for which to apply my knowledge on foot and lower limb mechanics to better understand what happens to our feet when us dancers are out on the floor.

‘From acute injuries to long-standing pain in your feet and legs, contact Adrian Misseri Podiatry to see what we can do for your most valuable dance tool: your feet.’

- Adrian Misseri

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